Should I approach her? Help!. I'm so confused?

I have recently been noticing this beautiful foreign girl at school. She's seems really intelligent, always courteous, and always about her business. She seems to be the independent type. She is a student athlete and hangs around her teammates all the time. She's dedicated to school and is not a huge party girl... Long story short, I think she knows I'm Eyeing her. I'VE been trying to approach her but every time I get the chance I'm I'm the middle of something and can't get away. Yesterday I just happened to be walking behind her with her teamate. I was walking with some friends. They laughed and giggled and she turned around twice. Once time with a smile. As we walked I slowed down, yet I saw that she had slowed from walking with the teamate to put "distance" between them. Needless to say I was too sprites and confused to capatalize or were they playing around?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You're interested so despite the whole above situation (I have no idea if they were playing or not) I say go for it! Seize the moment! YOLO or whatever your generation says. Girls want guys to approach them. Just say hey start a conversation and when you get nervous just think of me saying YOLO and giving you a thumbs up!

    It's really that simple.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, you should approach her, you really seem interested in her.


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