Girls, how do you feel about the NY accent?

So this month, I just recently moved from NY to the South and have found myself in the most awkward position I've ever been in.

Being an Italian-American from Staten Island, it seems like everywhere I go and everyone I speak to can't help but notice that I have an accent - like I'm sort of alien who walked over here and invaded their homeland or some shit. I mean hell, the South is filled with people who speak southern English and it almost seems like I'm some type of foreigner out here.

Anyway, it's really starting to bother me but I felt the need to ask the girls here how they felt about a NY accent? Is the way we speak really that annoying to where I should get rid of it, or are people just breakin my balls out here? I'd really like to know since I'd hate to stay single out here, haha.


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  • Speaking as a girl who is from the South, I think NY accents sound awkward and somewhat "aggressive" I suppose would be the right word. Everyone I have met who is from New York talks really fast and loud which is strange for me since southerners talk slower and draw our words out more. It's all about what someone is used to though. People in south are used to southern accents so of course we notice when someone isn't from here and talks differently.

    Personally though, I wouldn't make someone feel like an outcast because of that. Lol There's nothing wrong with your accent, it's just different than what most southern people are used to. It's not a big deal though and I'm sure as you start to make friends, people will get used to it and it won't matter. Don't worry about it :)


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  • I'm from NY and don't have the stereotypical accent.
    Although it differs from the South... it would be hard to tell where I am from (I would think).

    I think in general many people love NY!
    It's one of the biggest go to places when people want to go on vacation and tour.

    I think generally some may love it.

    It's always great to be different.
    I <3 people with accents.
    They are sexy to me... and make someone stand out in a crowd.

  • I have any new York accent too. Just be proud that you have an accent. Most girls like that. So, don't worry bout it.


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