Girls, Will you date this guy?

If you were older than him in 5-10 years would you still date him if you already attracted to him?
How do you take it and will you allow him to take the lead?
In case you WON'T accept dating someone younger than you; What are the reasons that might prevent you?

I want more ladies to answer this :D


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  • I would like to but probably won't because I'd feel i was depriving him of a family if he wants kids.


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  • No, I'm not a pedo

    • Well. you're 17 and obviously it's too odd to date some little boy at his 10s
      But let's say you're 30 and he is 20 is it going to be the same answer?

    • That's a maybe from me. 10 years is a pretty big difference.

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