Girls, am I just being stupid and thick for asking for a second chance?

Hi girls!

My problem is this. I met a girl this summer, whom I can't put out of my mind.

Anyway, We talked for several weeks, went out on two dates, kissed, whatever. Both clearly enjoyed each other's company.
After the second date she became quite distanced, not replying to messages etc (or like, after a day), so my insecurities got the best of me. I was sure she wasn't interested, so I told her we shouldn't see each other anymore.
She was surprised, and a little hurt, but said OK.. the reason she was distant was that she felt we were moving too fast, and needed to slow herself down.

I obviously felt like an idiot, tried to ask for a second chance, but no dice. About a week later, I sent a random text commenting something we had discussed some time beforehand, just hoping she would reply and I could get talking to her again. She never did.

It's been almost two months now, and I've been dating more, but never really gotten over her. It's hard not to compare, and I'm struggling to forget her.

I want to ask for another chance, again. We attend the same uni, so hoping to see her randomly, but chances are slim.
So, I want to send another text... but I don't know if I should, or if there would be any point to it (since she has shown that she doesn't really want to see me...). I realise texting again would be incredibly creepy...


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  • I would say don't let it go completely. Give her space, but hit her up every now and then just to say what's up. Let her know you're still interested without really letting her know. Every girl has been in this situation.. so has every guy. Sometimes we need to be chased just a little.. it let's us know that we're really wanted. She thought she was getting too close too fast. That's kind of a good thing to be honest. It means she was comfortable enough to let her guard down and unfortunately it scared her.. which normally happens when you leave that comfort zone. So she probably still likes you.. probably just doesn't want to admit it. Especially after you saying let's take a break.


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