You have just taken a poop at work, you open the cubical door and someone enters the bathroom?

So you just pooped at work, school or at a friends house, you stinked out the room, you open the cubical door and as soon as you put your foot out someone else enters the bathroom and sees you walking out of that cubical, there was no brush so you couldn't or didn't bother to clean the toilet that still has poop stuck to the side of the bowl. You make eyecontact and he walks past and into that cubical. What would you do?
  • Say hi and leave it as that
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  • Tell them they should not go in there.
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  • Tell them someone else did a stinky poop before you did.
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  • Tell them you were about to sit down but then decided not to and thats when you guys meet.
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  • Tell them you pooped and it stinks and that you did not clean the toilet
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  • other
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  • I voted other because I would probably say nothing to them at all. The thing I would really want to say is to "tell them I pooped and it stinks and that I did not clean the toilet" but I probably would not say that. Actually speaking of poop I was at the zoo today and while I was eating lunch I had bought I had to poop so I went into a stall and pooped and when I left I actually did leave some skid marks. LOL sorry if that is TMI.


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  • You know, if you put more tp in the toilet and let it soak up for a sec, the poop that's stuck usually will go away.

  • Hey man, I just took a shit *chuckles*

  • you could pretend it was already like that.


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