Girls, Why would a guy say he wants to be in a relationship with you?

If all he really wants is sex but doesn't want to be friends with benefits and if you mention an open relationship he doesn't want one, but like I said is just focused on the sex and doesn't want you with anyone else and even gets jealous but isn't there for you emotionally?


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  • That sounds like the type of guy that would try and be in a relationship with anyone. It's not unique to you and you aren't someone special to him. Men have ego and they love to feel in control or powerful... this sounds like something he's trying to get into without actually wanting to work for it. He doesn't want an open relationship because he doesn't want YOU to be with anyone else, but HE wants his options open.

  • he wants you to be exclusive to him, but he won't do all the work, he just wants control


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