Women that were formerly objectified, do you miss it?

I think it's something that young women experience, men everywhere salivating at the site of her, wishing to get a leg over. Then all of a sudden she hits 25 or 30 and it's not happening anymore, and she feels old and past it and starts yearning for the days of guys checking out her ass.

So are any of you in that boat?
  • I used to be objectified, I didn't like it then, but I miss it now.
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  • I used to be objectified, I didn't like it then and am glad it no longer happens.
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  • I used to be objectified, I actually liked it then and wish it hadn't stopped.
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  • I get objectified, I hate it.
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  • I get objectified, I hate it, but I'll probably miss it when I'm old and grey.
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  • I get objectified, I like knowing have that power over guys.
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  • I've always been ugly / I'm a guy / See answers
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Does anyone have an opinion on this? Can you at least vote?
Does anyone out there like it or at least miss it?


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  • I would rather walk through a volcano than be catcalled.

    • I take it you experience that fairly often?

    • Yes, and nothing makes me feel more disgusting or less human.

  • No I don't like it at all

    • Do you get it often?

    • I used to not as much now, and I don't miss it. It used to make me uncomfortable but I was very shy

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