What do you think about rich beautiful &smart arab girl who love to play video games, martial arts& video games?

I meant video games, martial art &*sport cars
Sorry for that!!
Im 17 why does it appear to me in this website that im 21😑😑


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  • If you practice martial arts and hold true
    to it's teachings, you have my respect. ^.^

    As for your age.. it show exactly what you put in
    when you made your account.

    If you want it changed, you can contact
    the Admins here: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact


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  • that's a lot of 'video games' xd

    • I meant video games , martial art & sport car xD

    • I couldn't resist, sorry x)

      But, I like games and martial arts, I don't know anything about cars though

    • Oh that's nice

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  • I'd buy her videogames, maybe even racing games, but if she wanted a real sports car, she'd have to buy it with her oil money and have it shipped with with her to America. 😝

    • Well im not gonna make my guy buy me a sport car thats my dad job😂

  • "Video games, martial arts& video games"

    Hahahah nice one.

    Well, good for her I guess, but is she trying to seduce us with her oil money? :p

    • No its just a general question😂

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    • Who told u my friends and teacher are palestenian😑

    • Im kuwaiti but I've never hated some one for his region he is from or religeon.. I have a lot of friends from around the world i love them and them no matter wich colour or shape they are #respect #love

  • I think that girl is awesome and would try to date her 😝

  • She is rich I stand no chance no point of going there.

    • Why is that when some girl from my family marry a poor man.. We would give him a job and money.. And help him build his own buisness and company

    • Cause that never happens sorry won't believe it unless I see it.

  • Wow she is almost perfect

  • I think that any time I've tried speaking to an Arab girl, I've been snubbed. I've never gotten so much as a returned "hello."

    So I can't imagine how I'd be treated by a rich, privileged Arab girl. Maybe she'd spit on me, or more likely pay someone to do that for her.

    • Yeah im sorry for that.. its just hard for us to hangout or talk with guys its like part of our tradition.. But its okay if she is hanging out with him and then marry him.. i dont how i will explain that to u its pretty complicated..

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    • Well that's why I said she'd probably pay someone to spit on me instead. But yeah, it's an act of contempt.

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