What is up with my boyfriends behaviour?

I've been dating this guy for a bit. Everything is smooth sailing. We went away on holiday, and then I had to go away again for work. When he headed home and I caught the flight for my work, he didn't text me yet I texted him the next day. This is normal of him as he never starts conversations.

Whilst I was away, our texting became shorter. I reached out, yet we both took hours to respond to each other. I told him I was back and he told me that she hoped I had a good trip and that was it. Being passive aggressive, I ignored him for 9 days or so.

He then suddenly, messaged me again the other day asking how my trip was, I told him and asked how he has been. In which she then didn't reply.


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  • Are you you officially exclusive? Did you ever have that conversation?


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