I'm falling for this guy but I'm not sure what we are?

I apologize in advance that this may be a long post.

I've known this guy for over a year and at this point we're really good friends and even both consider each other to be best friends. He's 6 years older and is divorced. His wife left him while he was in the hospital.

Around May, we really started to hang out a lot outside of work and met each other's friends but established neither of us were looking for a relationship. Things have obviously changed for me. Last month we started to hook up. We've spent the night at each other's places about 4 times now and he's the kind of guy that never compliments how a girl looks. He usually tells me I rock or I'm awesome but the other night at work he called me Beautiful and it really threw me off balance.

We did talk and I did tell him I wanted more than he did now. I told him I was scared because he had the potential to break down a lot of my walls. He told me I made him feel the same way but he still wasn't ready for a relationship and he didn't know if he would be for a while. He's anxious about the stress and anxiety of being in one.

When we hang out he holds my hand and plays with my hair. He'll hold me and run his hand down my spine. He's just really sweet and a total southern gentleman. We both know we're seeing other people too.

I just know we're more than friends but not together and this isn't just a friends with benefits thing either. I know what that's like and this is different.

My roommate says he's romantically interested but I just don't know. He's always offering to buy me food or on the road trip we took for my birthday last week. He wears a bracelet I made and never takes it off. I feel like I'm over thinking and could use some unbiased advice.

Should I walk away from this while I can or give it time?


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  • Give it time.


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