I am afraid of my girlfriend judging me for my wealth or lack thereof... is this a legitimate concern for me to have?

There is no other way for me to put it. My girlfriend is insanely rich. Legit, her pool is the same size as my house (her pool is larger than average) . I on the other hand live in a fairly small house. Nice area of town; just not a very good house.

we have been dating for two months now and i am taking her back to my house after a lunch date next weekend. I am afraid she will judge me for my family's monetary situation and maybe even break up with me because of it.

Any thoughts or guidance would be amazing...


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  • no need to worry about that at all.


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  • If she breaks up with you for that then good riddance. Means she is a superficial snob. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon.


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