How many have done online dating and actually went into the person's house on the 1st date?

I'm guilt of once watching a movie at a guy's house right on the first date, the dating turned out boring and it simply didn't work out (he wanted another date but I just didn't reply and he didn't insist; we haven't spoken since). Obvioulsy, I was way younger then (19 at the time) and this is something I wouldn't do now.

When I told my then boyfriend this, he had this ''Are you serious'' look and told me that's one of the stupidest thing I could have done even at that age. I guess that for once in my life I didn't want to assume bad things and just wanted to have fun going out on a date with a normal guy. I wanted to simply date around so then I can select who I was interested in being in a relationship with.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Why are those the only poll options? It didn't occur to you that some people may have done that and be open to doing it again?

    I have once, we talked for a while, had sex and I spent the night. She wasn't interested in seeing me again, but I didn't regret it - more would have good, but a ONS is better than nothing.

    • That's why I put other as another option. It means you can explain any other answer you have.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Blind date, no. But first date, yes. Interesting question because looking back on it, every single time I got too close too fast nothing worked out. In fact it was incredibly short-lived. I hadn't been on many blind dates in my life, but when I had, I remember driving to see them, and keeping it short and going back home alone. However, if I met someone in person first, and then agreed to go out another time, yes, there have been a few times where I went to their place or I invited them to mine, and even if no sex was to be had, just the quick invite to come in to one's personal home sort of killed a lot. The reason is because after that, you get in to the "come over to my place" deal, and don't really make plans to "go" anywhere after that, and the beginning stages of the relationship are boring and based on nothing.

    • I would used MySpace. com at the time. Before the date, we would talk a bit on that dating site and trade pictures.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I guess he was concerned that you may have gotten hurt by a stranger. First dates where you visit a home is rare for online-ers.

    I had met a woman online a couple of years ago, and after our first date she surprisingly wanted to head to my place for the evening. It does happen, nothing wrong with it.

  • Had an online date in Frankfurt Germany a couple of years ago. It was fun. We went to the zoo and basically spent all Saturday together. Ended up at her house giving her a back massage. I'm pretty sure it could have gone further but I was just coming out of a long term relationship as was she. So we left it at that. We met a few time for drinks afterwards but never became lovers. Harmless fun. And two nice and good looking people connecting :)

  • Never got any date online.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not until I know them and trust them will I go into their home. That's just asking for something scary to happen. I've seen too many movies and heard too many stories.

    • yeah... my then boyfriend was right and don't blame him for the scolding he gave me. I feel great my story was the good one of the guy being normal and nothing bad happening.

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