Does he. like. me?

Been having sex for past nine month. I text him when I came home from pub saying I was horney woke him up and he came over and he even went down on me for the first time?


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  • it's not like he showed up when you told him you were sick or something if that is the case then you could say he likes you, but the one you describe is a booty call and that doesn't mean he likes you when he showed up


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  • He doesn't have to have feelings for you to have sex with you. Sex is just sex to some people. I know of a few guys that would jump if I texted them to say I was horney. That doesn't mean they want a relationship with me. Most of them enjoy being single and just having casual sex and l/or friends with benefits. I'm looking for more than just sex, so that's why I don't contact any of them. If you do nothing else with this guy, you are just a hook-up for him.


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  • he likes the free pussy. maybe try talking to him about more important things, that should probably give him away if he's catching feelings.

  • does he like you?
    ugh, well its hard to tell... since you just give him free sex...
    guys can have sex with any girl that gives it to them...
    i think he is just using you for free sex


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