Should I be aloof towards girls when talking with them?

When I was younger and in highschool it was always a bad thing to show interest in a girl or else she would end up making your life a living nightmare. It was always this way so I had to learn to supress affections during this and my college years. Now that Im out in the real world with a career and everything I find it very difficult to go and meet girls in public ad none of them ever approach me.

Mainly my question is for online dating because I am able to get a girl to say yes to a date and then when I wait for her to reply next about something she never does. I dont ever respond back because the ball is in her court and i dont really feel like being reported for bothering someone. I can't say how many girls I've lost over this but I was wondering if the old mentality still exists where if you show a girl you are intereted she will be disgusted and walk away from you. Any suggestions about this? This could be in public as well. People have always told me I must wait for the girl and I will definitely know if one is interested in me.


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  • In my experience with guys, the ones that don't put in any effort have gotten no where with me. You'll know if she's not interested if she's just giving you one word answers or not replying at all. I don't bother with any guys that don't show me they're interested. I believe if they are interested that they will show it, in my opinion.


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