Hey, should I stay with him?

Im dating a 46 y o "writer", let's call him "Phil", who is STILL married to his wife-they're separated, but he can't afford the divorce. His wife is older than him (seems like a sweet lady but looks like his mother), whom he married when he was 22. He has teenage son who he sees every couple wks. He repeatedly cheated on his wife with a girl over 10 years younger than him. A barmaid. When Phil left his wife, the barmaid decided not to have anything to do with Phil. She changed her mind. Phil calls himself a "writer" because he's written 4 books, some of which I've read and are not very good. Years back, was working for a company, but blamed everything on his boss, and said he can't work for other people. He victimizes himself constantly, and desperately wants to come off as a "Hipster Dad", with his bushy beard, beer gut, and skateboarding shoes that he LOVES wearing & mentioning.
He's basically unemployed. he does blue-collar menial jobs. He also cleans friends/family's houses for cash. He's renting from friends, and he can't even make rent most months. On top of all this, he last dated a girl who's over 20 years younger than him, who had daddy issues among other issues. This girl finally dumped him, and he's been pining for her ever since. He engaged in group sex with this girl and her even younger friend, 19 at the time, while they insisted they get drugged up on his meds. Word got out, and he's been feeling nervous.
His son needs medical care, but Phil can't afford it, nor can his mom. But Phil somehow bought new gadgets w $4000 he recently won. He also Pressured me to have unprotected sex with him, and now he went from chasing me to acting inconsistent, distant playing mind games, hinting that were casual.


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  • He is a cheating loser with no job...
    But I am not surprised... You with always fall for guys like these... (Don't know why!)


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  • Why even bother with him? Like where is the benefit?

    • haha I know, right, especially since he has a tiny cock

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  • If I were you, I wouldn't stay with him. It's so much baggage on top of him playing mind games etc. And a 46 year old should know better than playing mind games with someone he's genuinely interested in. Games are for 12 year olds.

  • Avoid him, he seems like a lot of trouble.


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