I was looking at the 3 girls in a car and my girlfriend is mad at me, what can I do now and was what I did bad?

We were in the car and i was driving, it was a redlight and beside us were 3 girls in a car and i looked for about 10 seconds just back and forth. As soon as the light was green my girlfriend was like "seems like you really like those 3 girls". I initially didn't want to make things bad so i kinda lied (which made things bad) and said "i was just looking at the nice car", then she told me to shut up and said she wasn't dumb and knew i was looking at the girls.

So it all went downhill and before i dropped her off at home she asked me if she pretty and of course i said yes. I try texting her, no answer, what can i do and GIRLS how would you feel?


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  • I wouldn't love it. The fact the guy I liked was looking at some other girls (even if I knew he meant nothing by it) would immediately make me feel less attractive and compare myself to them.
    I think you need to make it clear you were only curious to see who was in the car next to you, just as if she was driving and looked beside her to see a guy. Also, I know it's ridiculous, but apologize and say you didn't mean to look but you didn't look in a way. You were just simply glancing.

    • I didn't mean for her to feel less attractive :( That's why she asked me before she left "do i look pretty?".

      Well now i get it. i didn't think it would bother, i though like she would of been like "ok w. e." and move on. But i guess i will say sorry and buy her some flowers. I don't like that corny stuff but for her i'll do it. I'll make sure i tell her she's beautiful.

      Also you too RockChick if you have a boyfriend and he looks at anther girl (s) don't feel "less attractive", i'm sure you girls know your own beauty. You're a good looking girl! so don't let anyone degrade you. My girlfriend is very beautiful and i get mad when she asks me if she looks good, she already knows the answer lol.

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    • haha i'am slowly learning ;)

    • Well good for you lol 😜

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  • Hahahahah looking at the nice car is just a horrible lie. Just give her a day to cool off. If she doesn't cool off by then you will have to do a grand gesture.

    • mhm i hope so, i will apologize once again

    • Dude if apologizing doesn't work write her a love letter.

      Girls love love letters like stoners love weed.

    • lool. i'm not a letter type guy but i might try it

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  • She's just jealous & insecure. I would break up with her.

    • woooaaah. I cannot break up with her cause of that

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    • I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!! 😜😂😂 but aww that's so cute. Don't you feel good by just seeing her happy & feel even better because you're the reason why? Do you know if you're ready for that? You can pm me if you want. I would be happy to give you some advice. My username is @delicious5

    • Yeah i had a smile on my face cause she was happy which made me happy :) I'll pm you now

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  • LOOL "nice car". just say sorry to her and take her out, she should be ok after that.

    • I hope

    • Just treat her right and even bring her to dinner, tell her how beautiful she is every time you see her, next time just quickly glance you know. Good luck, and i like the car thing haha ;)

  • you better run son , far from her, before she has you by balls


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