Has anyone ever been through this?

My Boyfriend went to his dads for the week , which was last Monday , and I seen him that day too, and then after that He went to his dads the next day. Christmas was last week too , He did not call me or msg me or anything like that the whole week . It is now Tuesday , and yesterday He sent me a very brief message about How He misses Me , When meanwhile He could have called me all week , and He didn't , not once. and I tried calling his house to see if He was home or not , at least once a day ,and I even called him to Wish Him a Merry Christmas , and He wasn't home , or didn't call me . What's up with this? And this isn't the first time He hasn't called me in like a week or shows He didn't care , It's happened a few times already. I know He cares , but then again at times it's hard to tell and it seems like He doesn't care. Has anyone ever been through this? and what would you do? It makes me mad , because I really like him , and He likes me too , but why does he do this? other thing's more important . I don't understand . Please Help


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  • Ughhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes this has happened to me and its sooooooooo damn fustering! I get mad. Except my sitution was like this, me and my boyfriend text all day. Then his stepbrother moved in with him and now they share a room. We would talk every night. But since his stepbrother and him shared a room he couldn't call me as much but he'd still text me. Then he wouldn't call at all but we'd still be texting. Then it came up to the point when he'd ditch me for his friends. One time we talked for like 5 minutes before he's like: "Oh baby I'm going to go play my playstation with Lalo (his neighbor). I mean we hadn't talked in like two or three days and there he was ditching me for his neighbor! Finally I got fed up with him ditching me and I told him and broke it off with him. It was about twenty minutes after that he texted me begging me to take him back. He promised me he would make time for me etc. I suggest you tell your boyfriend what the hell is going on? And if he actually wants to be with you since it seems like he's ignoring you. When ever you have the chance and actually talk to him ask him what's been bothering you

    • Thanks soo muuch . Yess , I will tell him , Iv'e just been waiting for him to call me , but He hasn't , I decided I was tired of calling him , since I already did last week soo many times , and He didn't call me once. We had this conversation a few times already , I don't knon what He doesn't understand , and why he's doing it again

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    • Thats what I did my boyfriend if he didn't want to make time for me then I didn't see how it would work and he promised me he would make time for me and he did so I suggest you doing that also

    • Alright :) I will try , Thanks soo much. I apreciate it. but like Me & Him have pretty much had this conversation before , and I pretty much said that I didn't want to Go through a boyfriend not caring , and He is a Good boyfriend for the most part , but this has happened a few times. Soo , I will be sure to say How I feel exactly.

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  • maybe he was just really busy. If not then you should really think about why he's not giving you the time of day. Either way you know you deserve someone whos going to have the time to call you and assure you that he cares.


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  • I understand how you feel. He is thinking about you because he sent you a message. If he doesn't see his dad that often then cut him some slack. This is his time to be with his father especially if he doesn't get to see him all the time. You don't want to appear too needy or clingy because it can turn a guy off. Guys need their own time to socialize and have their own identity separate from the relationship. I am sure that when he isn't away that he spends a lot of time with you?

    If it truly is a pattern then when he returns gently mention it to him. You might say that when he is gone you think about him, and it would be great if he called while he was away. Even if you both talk for 10 minutes. He won't be able to work on it unless you mention it.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks A lot :) I kno about the Guys think neediness and being clingy is a turn off , I'm deffinatley not like that , I just ask for him to call sometimes . Like , He usually does call when it's on day to day basis , or like I call him or something everyother day. It's just I kind of expected him to call me at least once or twice just to talk for 10 mins like you said , or especially to wish Me a Merry Christmas or something. and He goes to his dads every other weekend. It does make me mad a bit

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    • You're welcome. You deserve the best. You sound like such a sweetheart. :)

    • Thanks :) Hahh