I would have fell for her but.. she stunk?

(Please don't take this the wrong way i'm not being mean i'm trying to help her out)

There was a new girl in my class her face was and shape was cute and i sort of liked her because of that
(not being mean) You can tell by the way she dresses that she's really less fortunate than a lot of people..
she wore long blue basket ball shorts that hung to her feet you can tell they were'nt hers.
she had a huge 6XL looking gray jacket on that wasn't hers either and red jordans on...

Not only this she sort of... stunk besides the way she looks we clicked, she sat next to me almost all of my classes,
at lunch, she followed me all day which was good because we have all of the same classes and i really wouldn't have cared if she had at least washed her jacket or something im not being mean thats not who i am but it had boy sweat al over it im a clean person i wash up multiple times, brush my teeth a few times i stay clean i clean up my house my room other poeples rooms, if they don't clean it up and i even take care of my front yard, And my moms car.

I mean if she wore a little bit or perfume and girly clothes i would have fell for her the 1st day i saw her..
how do i tell her without hurting her that she needs to clean herself better and if she were to id go crazy for her fortunate or not..


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  • If you really like her and want to spend your days with her then you'll have to make some sacrifices, believe me girls like her are really loyal and they'll love you. I'm not asking you to make her a gold digger but do it this way, tell her you like her, see how she reacts, chase after her for a few weeks, please try to control your feelings of the smell.. Later when you guys have started to go out on a date, buy her a pair of nice clothes (you can always gift her some, I could help or a friend could) please no expensive it can be cheap of the sale price.. She will really appreciate it from there on ask her to be clean since u like it that way, she will keep clean because she likes you too

    • Thanks for the MHO 😊, and did it help you?

    • Yes we are good friends now
      thank you

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  • Hmmm I'd say it in a 'you're pretty, I'd really like to see more of your feminine side,' approach. I don't know how old this girl is, but maybe her family is not normal or something but find a positive and kind way to approach it. I think she must not have money to buy new clothes which is kind of sad.

  • Do you have any sister's or girl cousin's that go to your school?

    • no im moving soon so i will have to move schools
      i got the girls number she's a good friend of mine and since im moving thats all she can be

  • just move on then.


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  • son., do you attend any English classes? you should know the difference between stung and stink , both are different words


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