Had a great date, what is this guy's deal?

So I've known this guy for several years and we never dated/one of us were always in a relationship. Finally we both are single and in a new city and each have been single/dating around for at least a year now. He asked me to a date. We arrange the date and it goes well. Conversation was easy, we had a lot in common, and he admitted he's liked me all the years we would pass in the hall and just smile and say hi. He suggested a second bar for happy hour to extend the date, he paid for everything, and he initiated the first kiss and holding hands.

I feel I might have messed this up but everything was going so well, we were so open, that I feel like I shared my feelings for him too much. ex, admitted I always felt a chemistry between us, and asked if he'd always felt that way when we saw each other too. Of course he said yes. He walked me to the subway and we kissed goodnight. I regret it but I said I wish I didn't have to leave you, and he was like I know, me too. and lightly suggested you could always come with me, and I said no. I don't think he meant it to just hook up since everything was super cutsie and not super sexual. Throughout the date he mentioned things we could do in the future together and texted me on my way home and said we will definitely have to see each other again soon.

I really like this guy so I'm trying not to be overeager especially since I admitted too much on our date and it could make him cocky. He texted me first less than a day later and we texted for an hour straight and then nothing. Mine was the last text but it wasn't a question, he would have had to ask something.

I haven't heard from him at all today and I want to talk to him but I am thinking about waiting until tomorrow night to play it safe. What should I do, and what is this guy's deal?
I forgot to mention the first date lasted 5 hours... All the signs seemed good until the texting stage. 1 hr of texting the next day and nothing in the past day. Why?


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    • you don't think that since I texted last yesterday evening and he didn't respond that I would appear too needy?

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    • I don't want to play games, but I don't want him to think I'm super into him and be turned off. I like him too much to mess this up. Since you are a guy and know what you do about our date... what would you want the girl to do in this situation?

    • You are playing games because if you wantes him you would go after him

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  • he's not interested.

    • If you are going to say that, at least say what about the date or his actions indicates that. He made second date plans, spent over 100$ on me, and waited less than a day to text me. Did he lose interest after that next day texting, what?

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