Why is he not pursing me?

I like this guy at work I just dont know what to do about it I dont want to come off to strong. So my coworker felt I was moving to slow so he went and talked to him. He still refues to tell me what he said to him. Before he knew I liked him I would catch him looking at me and he would look away now (after talking to my coworker) he holds his stare. So after they talk the guy comes over to me and starts helping me at work. He opens doors, we keep making eye contact. When I walk pass him we make eye contact then he checks me out as Im looking at him. Today I was standing in front of my section at work and he comes up walks behind and stands on the side of me, He says "I can't stand next to you"

By the end of the night he gave me his number we texted for a little while before he stopped responding. I see him at work the next day we talk then as iM leaving he says bye. Like thats it not a call me or anything. Like im so confused. Like why does he not call me (its only been 2 days but I don't know what to do) or try and pursue me. I dont want to come on too strong so I do nothing cause he's not given me much other then he keeps looking at me at work or he comes over and talks to me or stands by me. Everyone at work thinks there's something going on because they always see us together. He said "Your lips look so moisturized it makes me self conscious about mine, I fee like mine is chapped' i laughed


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  • He's just not interested.


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