When I start making an effort to meet guys I have no luck?

so i decided to be a bit more pro-active and make an effort to meet guys instead of just sitting at home complaining.. but so far i have had no luck. Im way more social then i used to, i go to the gym, i go out drinking. I even joined as a volunteer, no guys either. I even managed to make close guy friends, something i have never had before.

What can i do to meet guys? what am i doing wrong?


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  • You probably aren't doing anything wrong. You're just experiencing the pain-in-the-ass phenomenon of "trying to meeting someone". It's a numbers game and the odds are usually stacked against you. Welcome to dating!


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  • Just let go and let t hings flow on its own. You aren't letting flow by trying to be obsessed about it.

    • im not obsessing about it, im just trying to make an effort. . and it makes me kinda feel like a failure when im trying and i get zero results.. i fail when i try and i fail when i dont try

    • Something's wrong. It's you. Not them. You are not a man magnet for some reason.

    • Because im unattractive maybe? Or I can only get guys I dont want?

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  • You aren't doing anything wrong. You have just started being more social, so give it some time.

    • i guess im being a bit inpatient

  • Isn't that always the way? It was always like that with me and girls, then I'd stop trying/ caring and suddenly, I'd meet someone.

    I think the idea is go out and have fun, forget about meeting guys. Let it happen organically and it will.

    • its difficult.. i malways hoping to meet someone.. i dont necessarly make an huge effort.. but i'll always be looking and i have problems not doing so

    • That's the problem. You're always looking and I noticed girls picked up on it and they didn't like it. Maybe it's the same with guys?

      I started going out and not caring so much, and then I suddenly I was getting approached all the time.

      It also helps to go out with a friend who knows people. You can be the quiet one if you want and people will be interested in you. That's how it was with me anyway. Try not to talk too much. Be interesting and interested, but never make it too obvious.

  • It's a luck thing. Put all the effort into all you want in the end it comes down to luck

  • Are there guys around


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