Do people not date until the find someone to marry?

I understand for their personal beliefs or religious beliefs but I don't think sitting around and waiting to meet the one is going to realistically happen if people just wait. I myself am a Christian and haven't dated but don't see why not if I'm looking for a girl go marry although I am young, I don't think age matters in this subject as long as if your mature and honest.


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  • i think some people who have the mindset of "dating for marriage" are waiting for the right time... like, they aren't waiting around for the guy/girl to show up out of nowhere. they want to date someone who also has long-term relationship goals and they themselves go into the "dating scene" looking for people they could potentially see themselves marrying.

    you have to know yourself and know if you're in a place where you're ready for serious dating. people have various reasons for wanting to put off dating (college/career, finances, emotional scars, etc).


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  • I don't prefer to seek women with the intention of marriage. But yeah, I would eventually want the relationship to head towards marriage.


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  • no how will you know

    Can you please answer my most recent question?


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