Saw girl I'm dating holding hands with someone else?

I met a girl a little less than 2 weeks ago out and about that I really hit it off with. She just moved to my city about a month ago and we seem to have a lot in common. Our first date was a picnic (went great! we were kissing within a couple hours and there was a very strong mutual attraction). Our next date (just 2 days ago) was me cooking dinner at my apartment. Again, good conversation and a bunch of kissing. We communicate by phone/text daily. Tonight I walking in by neighborhood to grab food for myself AND SAW HER ON A DATE AND HOLDING HANDS WITH ANOTHER GUY! My natural reaction was to say "hi" which I did. She said hi back and kept walking. It's totally understandable that A) she'd be on a date with someone else, and B) that she just kept walking. We're not exclusive, in fact I'm dating several other people also, but this is the only girl I've been seeing I really like and see relationship potential with. Two questions: 1) How do I handle the next conversation I have with her? I want to make a joke of it and let her know that she doesn't have to feel bad/awkward, and 2) How do I handle getting setting up a third date? The most coincidental part is that literally 20 mins before seeing her I was thinking that I'd text her the next morning to find out if she's like to go to lunch that day. Is this still a good idea? More than anything I now see it as a challenge to knock this other dude out the picture!! What should I do?


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  • You both are seeing other people at the moment. You should tell her how you feel and let her know that you want a committed serious relationship with her. If you guys aren't a thing , she will continue seein other people. That is why you should make the move before someone else does a move. I wish you the best.


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  • As log the two of you are not exclusive she'll be dating other people.

    Don't be shaken up about it. She might like the other guy but it doesn't mean she likes him better than you.

    Talk to her, stay grounded and let her know what you want.


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