Girls, would you even try this?

As a introverted person with some uncommon interests I find it hard to believe that someone completely would find it attractive. This isn't a call for pity, I'm just curious. Like for example I'm a bit of a nerd; I like star trek, computers, video games, and anime. I'll just leave it at that for the sake of reading. On the flip side I'm down for going out to the movies, hiking, metal working, or just going out and finding something cool to do. With that brief summary, is that worthy material?
Also I don't find religion particularly important in a relationship, but I can deal with it if its important to you.


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  • Yes, you are 100% worthy and sound like a nice guy, don't doubt yourself. Those interests are not uncommon; aside from star trek (only bc I've never watched it) and metal-working (unless you mean welding bc I like welding), I like what you listed.

    • Well I'm not expecting everyone to have the same interests and hobbies as me. Thanks for the response.

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  • Ofc. Everyone is unique. There is someone out there for all of us. You just need to find someone who shares similar hobbies. You don't need to share all of the same hobbies to make a relationship work. I myself like gaming, movies, reading, etc. You might be looking in the wrong places for your other half.

    • Thanks for the input, its much appreciated 😊

  • Yeah you sound good to me. There are girls around who like nerdy guys and who are nerds themselves.

    • Thanks for responding

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