Who buys coffe?

So i reached out to this guy who came and spoke at my school last semester about a internship position, not thinking he would reply at least not so quickly, well he said thanks for reaching out, lets talk over coffe?

First of all this is a good sign right?
Second, who buys who coffe? i was thinking i could get there earlier and get a seat.- spot and just buy my own coffe?


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  • I think you read that way too literally. By asking you to go get coffee, he just means to a cafe, grab a cup of joe, and talk. Like its the equivalent of going to lunch, just not as filling. Take it as a good sign.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's a good sign yes :)
    Both pay for their own coffee. No need to make it a issue. If he offers to pay then it's your choice to accept or to say you don't feel right for him paying. In the grander scheme of things just remember it is ONLY coffee and not as much as a dinner or lunch even so relax.

    • Ye you are right but in curious to what we are going to talk about because there wasn't a specific position I applied for

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