Can a person tell if you've never been kissed?

Question out of curiosity, I can tell if someone hasn't but can everyone else?


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  • Not really.

    All a person can do is make an assumption.

    If the person is a "bad kisser" a person may assume he/she never had a kiss before.
    That isn't always true in every case, the person could have had very little experience.

    On the other hand,

    A person that is a "good kisser" is usually said to have had a lot of experiences.
    This isn't always true, it's possible you are this person's first experience or one of their first.
    Some people read a lot about sexual things before they actually before them.


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  • I don't think that's possible

    • It is possible for me to tell because I can read psychology and body language very well

  • Interesting question. I can make guesses about if people have been kissed, but normally I don't go up after and ask to see if my guess was right xD


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