Ex says he wants to meet up as friends. What does it mean?

My ex and I broke up last year and haven't seen each other since then. Yesterday, we started talking again and we texted back and forth. At first he said he had been thinking about me and then suggested that we travel somewhere together.

Then today, I got a text from him in the morning where he asked if I wanted to hang. I said sure, but it would have to wait until next week. He then said "we could hang out from time to time as friends, no?"
I didn't really mind and said sure. By the way, I have no intention of getting back with him as I'm currently seeing someone else (but haven't told anyone as of yet as it's still early days)

Why would he want to meet up as friends?


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  • Put your ex to one side for the moment. Are you doing this behind your current guys back? If so, you are putting that at risk!

    Why are you agreeing to meet an ex? You, presumably, have moved on, so why go over old ground if you have no intention of going back to him?

    I guess that a lot depends on who left who.


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  • Gee, I don't know but good for u!


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  • in male language that Means he want you back like a (Girlfriends)

    • I don't think so. If he did, why would he tell me that we should only meet up as friends in the first place?

    • thats how we men do, he think " if i just told her know i want her as girlfriends she would ignore me...
      He want to be better friends with you, and at the end of day he will come close to you and maybe kiss...

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