My boyfriends posts on Facebook and his attitude change?

I have been with him for four and a half years. About four months ago I got a job an hour away from the place we were staying and I had to move in with a friend of mine in order to have rides to and from work. He moved in with me for a little while but soon moved back into his parents house because he got a job with his dad. Well the place I was working at shut down so I moved back with his parents and started searching out new employment. While we were not living with each other we got along perfect. No fighting. No arguments. Nothing. I've only been back here a week and things are slowly changing. He's been hanging out in the garage instead of hanging out with me. He has been leaving without telling me anything so I have to find out from his mother. He's also been posting up shit on Facebook that people keep commenting on saying shit about me. The posts consist of "You can't change someone who doesn't see themselves as a problem.", "Fellas she isn't a slow texter, she's just texting other dudes.", "I love how people come back to you only when they have no one else." Its frustrating. Him and I have not been fighting since I have been here but that's probably because there is no time. He's never around. Men, why is he posting this shit? I asked him why (considering the comments about me underneath that he never replies to), and he tried saying its because he "likes them".


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  • You should leave him.


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