Why is he taking so much time?

There is this guy who has been taking me out twice a week and more from almost two months now. We text every night before we sleep... we hangout a lot.. but he hasn't told me that he likes me. He hasn't made any move yet.


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  • Yup, we are sometimes like that. I dont know why but we need to grow balls to get to this step. Its a lot easier when you're already sure about your feelings and tell him first when you get inpatient.

    Sometimes its also like "Of course I like her. I dont need to Tell her. Its obvious. She knows right? Yeah she knows".. and thats also me sometimes.. and thats why I agree that Im stupid. Now you could say "well After you made that mistake thinking like that once, it couldnt happen again. So why everytime?" Its because I dont say that literally to my mind, its more like an unintentional behaviour based on what I wrote.


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  • maybe he's unsure about his feelings.. give him time.. and if you still feel like he isn't interested you might consider moving on


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  • Two months and he hasn't told you, that's strange, but maybe he has his reasons, maybe he is being extra careful, extra cautious, some men take quite a long time to confess their feelings.

  • it means that he doesn't like you now, why you ask it :)

    • He shows he is interested he came with a cake on my bday day before.. he will be the first one to text me. . so should still think he is not interested?

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