What seperates an artist form the rest?

what seperates an painter/skeych artists from others? why do some people make t?


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  • A professional artist's art from the rest of lower level artists?
    The ones I can think of would be...
    1.) Style. Professional artists often make their own style. Lower level artists do art in the style of the professional artist. Chuck Close for instance has a unique style. He is a professional. (Chuck Close's art below)
    He may have had influences from other artists, but he made his style very unique.

    2.) Ability. Sure, you may be unique in your style but you have to be talented. One could make a case that some abstract art doesn't require much ability, but I always considered that stuff kind of crappy anyway lol. High school artists may have talent but they lack the other aspects.

    3.) Creativity. You need to have great ideas. No taking pictures from the internet and just redrawing them. You have to reimagine things. You need to take a sketch and make an interpretation.

    4.) Fame. In the end of the day, you need to make your art known. Marketing, selling art, making art on a regular basis is all part of this.


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  • Networking. It's oftentimes who you know that gets you "discovered".


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  • A business sense. Period.

  • There are three kinds of artists.

    Those who do it because they feel compelled.
    Those who do it because it feeds their ego.
    Those who do it because someone pays them to.

    You can be a mix of course but those are the main categories.

    • i dont think you are getting the question

    • Please explain then. You asked why they do it, I'm telling you, because they feel a compulsion, because they think it makes them special/better, for money.

    • I should perhaps also add, because they are good at it. There is a certain satisfaction from doing something you know you do well which is not quite the same thing as either compulsion or egoism.

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  • we are more creative and different.

    • no what seperates an artist from the others? for example why did van gogh stuck out from artists?

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