Girls, does this sound like a blow off to you?

I've been dating someone for a little while (a couple months almost), I think it is going well.

So when I asked her to do something on the weekend she said she can't on the weekend because she has family visiting, and she can't commit to anything currently with school starting up. She is a teacher and school is just firing up. She then asked if you could let me know later in the week. I am inclined to believe her because this is nothing new, I've seen how much she works. At the same time, I am worried about the polite blow off.

She still responds to my silly texts during the week.

So is this the start of the end, or just some insecurity on my part? Should I be patient?
She then asked if she* could let me know later in the week


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  • She asked you to contact her later in the week so that usually means she's interested and wants to see you. Don't worry too much and be patient.

    • She asked if she could let me know later. Typo on my part

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  • Insecurity on your part

  • She's just busy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ don't worry


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