Guys, How to know if a shy guy is interested in you?

There's this guy whom I have known for three months now. He is really shy and introverted. He is from my college (actually we are both doing same major), but we really started to talk during two-month long internship that we did in the same company. He took his time opening up, but then suddenly we both were talking about everything under the sun, our dreams, fears, childhood memories, things we love and stuff like that... I, myself, am quite introvert and don't trust people easily, but with him, I don't know what happens, its like I get verbal diarrhoea and am talking about everything! Even he once said to me., "I don't know why am I so comfortable with you?". Others just find him boring (even I thought the same in the beginning) but he is quite an intriguing person when he opens up. In short, we talked, we laughed, went on outings together, had a good time. Awesome time actually.
College reopened after summer break. So now, we rarely get to talk or hangout together. We did hangout twice, but both time it was me who suggested it. He would never ping or text either (Okay he texted twice in two weeks, but thats it). I would only ping him once in two-three days just to keep in-touch. He did say once that he is bad at chatting. When he meets up, then he has no problem in talking and joking around and just being silly. And I know, he might be caught up in other stuff, but how hard is it to at least text just once in awhile?
I don't wanna come off as very desperate, neither do I wanna wait for him to come around. I jus don't know, should I really pursue him? Is he even interested anymore? Or should I just give up, and move on? I'm leaning towards last option though.


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  • just ask him if he wants to go to lunch one day and take it from there it's very easy...

    • So, you mean, in this case, I'd have to do all the work then?
      Would have been nice if he could at least meet me the halfway... :(

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    • im sorry i see everything you said as still half, he deserves a chance at least... to do all the things you've done, back. now... if he doesn't take it upon himself to make some moves or show some interest... it's totally unfair ro you but you like him. i know you like him. so. don't give up.

      people will disagree with me im sure but one more chance never hurt.
      you're doing great..=)

    • Hehehehe... okay then! its a deal! Plus, you shouldn't leave any job half-done I guess.
      That idiot better make up for it if we get together :D :D
      Thanks for the morale boost-up :)

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