How to ask her out?

We both go to college together and we both still are living with our parents (both freshmen). I'm not worried about if she likes me or not what I'm worried about is how to ask her out as I don't have a car and she does. I don't want to ask her to drive to the movies or something like that. What to do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Tell your girl to stop by your pad 😎

    • Eh, parents are almost always home. There is a pretty nice walking path around the college me and her go to. What would you think if a guy asked you to go for a walk around school or something like that. there's nothing else really in walking distance of school.

    • Sure if you just say "hey do you wanna hang out on campus sometime?" And then if you want you could take her to that quiet spot on campus if u know what I mean.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just roll up on your Segway and then expose your penis to her.

    • I heard women go crazy for that, thanks...

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