I have trouble looking my boyfriend in the eye?

I've been dating my boyfriend for a month now and I've never really been able to keep eye contact with him. Everytime he looks at me I turn away or something. I like need help... I'm not sure how to let him look at me. I guess I'm just scared he'll see a flaw in my face and stop loving me or that he'll see the real me and not love me. I'm like real I secure as y'all can probably tell but like the problem is only with him. Howw do i fix this? He's commented on it already.
(I'm 14 if that matters)


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  • Its totally normal you are shy of ur boyfriend and u r insecure as you said ^^ but there"s nth wrong with that as time passes u will be less shy of him :p i was like that too with my boyfriend at first but then now even when i look at him and see a flaw in his face i dont care cuz i love him and its same thing for him too , he even told me one time that i look like a poor girl cuz my hair was messy lol Just think that if ur boyfriend chose u in between all the girls its because u r the most beautiful in his eyes for him so be secure and show him that u r confident eventhough being shy is cute but he will be impressed if u show him that u find urself pretty ^^


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  • Have hI'm hold your head and stare into your eyes


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  • How do you love someone after a month. Anyways if you can't look him in the eyes how are you dating. This is something you should be able to do. Stop being scared. If he loves you he will love you for you...

  • Just remember that he already thinks your pretty/hot and has looked at your face lots before. I know, I had the same problem when I first started dating my boyfriend. I got to the point where I stopped caring. I was like "well. If I'm too ugly oh well he can just break up w me and I'll move on" and of course he never did :) so just have confidence in your looks and don't worry. Good luck!


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