Girl texts me after 2 months of no contact?

Context: Me and this girl dated casually, NSA/etc, for 2-3 months and she started blowing me off, and didn't text me back, so I just said screw it and didn't talk to her again, let things fade and that was that. Well yesterday morning she txted me this: "Hey;) How've you been? Sorry I've been so busy. Fall is going to be even worse. -.-". This is after 2 months of no contact, and to me it doesn't make sense aha, does this mean she misses me or something? I mean we had fun and enjoyed eachothers time, but shit started to fade in the end. I dont know if she's just seeking attention or what, dont really want to be some pussywhipped attention machine.

Opinions, should I text her, just leave her be, shoot her a little "probe" text?
Not sure what i'd say, I am just confused as to why she texted me, I've moved on.


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  • She hasn't moved on.


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