Girls, I need help decoding this guy! guys, please explain guys to me?

Im 23 he's 25
I don't get how a guy can say he likes u a lot, kisses you holds your hands and ain't scared to admit it then say oh wait I want just friends or friends with benefits no strings attached cause im not sure if i wanna date right now. then say we are friends with benefits but we will see what happens with us , see where it goes.

Currently situation im in! Wtf!!! Im sooooo confused!


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  • Run for dear life. Dump him like shit. He just wants you for sex which is not bad if you want the same. If you want more, this dude is no good for you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He wants sex. Unattached sex with you. I don't see anything odd in that behavior. Seems right for the age

    • Then why he did/ say the other shit first?

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