Did I want to see him too much?

I've been dating a man for 3 months and I suggested I stay the night with him when o saw him today. We see each other a few times a week. He said he was 'indifferent'.

What at kind of person says this? I'm heart broken and don't want to see him again. Was I forcing it or something?


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  • thats kinda messed up. are you and him doing it? if you are thats totally fucked up.


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  • Yeah, i agree with you that would break my heart to tell a girl that stuff

    some guys who do that make me wonder ,, I'm sorry you were treated like that by him

  • That's a strange answer. I think it is something you should ask him about.

  • Really? You're heartbroken over that? What in the flying hell? He's just saying he doesn't care if you stay over or not. Why does that have to be a big deal? I don't understand. Y'all see each other a few times a week already.

    • It pretty much describes his overall attitude. The he suggested he could just start coming over later so yeah... I told him I'm not a booty call. I have stuff at his place I will never see again.

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    • You're right. Be strong :)

    • Thus not this

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