Guys, what comes to your mind if you met a 28 year-old childless woman?

You're dating her, she says that and it's confirmed she's childless at the age of 28+. I'm ambivalent towards it but ever since this year, I do wonder about it from once in a while.

Note: She's hispanic too


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  • Nothing really comes to mind.


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  • I wouldn't have a negative nor would I have a positive impression towards her. I'd have a neutral one.

    • ok... certain times I do have a couple seconds where I think about what it would be like creating a live inside. Though, those are only few seconds of lapses. Though I'm single, I'm still undecided about.

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  • If she's hispanic there is OBVIOUSLY something amiss

    • I went from the ages of 13-27 not ever feeling any urges nor desires towards kids. I was probably even considered someone with no material instincts at all.
      Now I'm 28 and it was only towards April or May of this year that my stance soften up a bit towards ambivalence. Working from home and studying from home, I had no chance of dating.

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