What is his problem?

My boyfriend seems to be so distant lately. He gets like this randomly. After we had sex a couple of nights ago, he pushed me away when I came to cuddle with him. He used to cuddle with me before and after sex. He hasn't been wanting to cuddle lately. He has been acting so strange. Like, when he comes home from work... he's very quiet. He plays games on his phone or only engages in small talk. He has this snobby look on his face like he can't stand being around me. It hurts my feelings a lot. It hurts me that I try so hard to make him smile and laugh but he only laughs with other people or if he's watching a funny show. He doesn't text or try to catch up with me throughout the day like he used to. When he goes to the bathroom, he takes his cigarette, toilet tissue and his phone and he sits in there for about 15-25 minutes. He claims that he wouldn't cheat on me. He says if he had someone else he would have the decency to tell me. What's his problem?


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  • I say tackle him and tell him you have a choice tell me whats up or im not letting you go. And I dont care if you say i dont wanna talk about it tell him i can see that somethings got you in a funk so lets talk cause its having a negative effect on me seeing that we arnt talking like we use to. Its not fair to me if your beating yourself up on something, its better to be honest rather than hide it im here for you. Try to prove to him your going to be there for him.

    • I have tried to ask him what's wrong or if he's mad at me but he won't be specific. He just says, "I'll let you figure it out." It's crazy because he always makes it a big deal for me to be honest and say if something's bothering me. We used to have sex day and night, now he doesn't even want to sleep close to me.

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    • Aww yea that's so true. I do miss his smile and laugh. I just got off the phone with him and he says that nothing is wrong and that he's just in his own world. He said I'm going too deep when I reminded him that he told me that I'll figure out why he's mad at me. Smh. He said he'll let me know if it was something wrong. He said that I'm taking it the wrong way. I still feel like he's like. I just feel like he wants me bc its convenient for him. I'm good company and good for sex. Like he asked me to come over tonight bc he did want to have sex and spend his day off with me for tomorrow. Smh. You have awesome advice. Thank you so much!

    • Guys dont really like it but its okay to spoil us with love cause it makes us just more confident knowing y'all got our backs. Your welcome for the advice.

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  • He's not cheating he simply lost interest cause the relationship is too simple and he feels he doesn't have to do much to stay in the relationship. What you have to do is make the relationship interesting and some couple stuff together. If he refuses to participate then leave his ass.

    • I agree with you but he's such a homebody. We did nothing that he promised to for my Bday and when we actually go out, he's so quiet. It's like I'm going out on a date by myself.

    • Take away phone privileges and make him have a conversation then maybe he will realize how great it is to have a conversation. Before going on the date ask to "borrow" him phone and he won't get it back until it's over. If he has a problem with it then threaten to leave him and if he still isn't cooperating then the relationship isn't worth it.

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  • The infatuation period is over. He is probably getting bored. How long have you been together? Have you discussed it with him?
    If yes, what does he say?

    • No longer than a year. He says it's me taking it the wrong way.

    • Then I don't think he will actually put an effort into fixing his behavior. If you can't put up with it, I'd suggest you to leave. Otherwise, try to compromise in the situation.

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