My boyfriend wants to be my hero?

I really love my boyfriend and he saved me once from a car that was going really fast, unfortunately in the progress he went flying from the car's front window amd he had to get treated, but since then I've called him my hero and I know he plays a lot of hero based games, and watches anime aswell but why is he so interested into being a Dark Hero? And what is a Dark Hero? Is it like Arrow (from Dc) who kills rather than Daredevil (Marvel) who only hit them unconscious but no kill..

I'm Just wondering why he wants to be a dark hero


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  • Your more concerned about some comic he is into rather than the fact that he put his life on the line for you I am not a romantic person, but c'mon that's like the most romantic thing anyone can do for you stop complaining. Millions of girls would kill to have a a guy like your boyfriend.

    • I'm not complaining, I'm just curious to why he wants to be a dark hero... We're both dark gamers but come on is it that bad for me to take some interest into things he likes?

    • No but that's not what you said he probably just thinks your into bad boys so he said that to probably try and impress you.

    • No he knows I love him the way he is, I never mentioned liking bad boys. I did say a compliment about nice guys though

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  • Lol maybe he thinks it's cooler. He sounds like he might have a bit of a nerd in him, which is really refreshing. I'd say just entertain him, call him whatever hero title he wants, make him feel good. He's an awesome guy and obviously loves you. He risked nearly dying for you, your man is a keeper! Stroke his ego from time to time, he'll appreciate it, make him feel manly. :)

    • Thanks, he really is a keeper, I even got permission from his mum to go crazy on him 😊 but he's not a proud guy, he's really shy and quiet all the time... I really hate his poker face though I can't tell when he's joking with me

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    • Aww, you're embarrassing me...
      Thankyou really, I hope you get a awesome guy too, and believe me he's not the most perfect guy out there but he's my one and only love (soul mates) and he's my first partner too

    • Lol, I know you didn't know this but I do xD my boyfriend is really wonderful and a bit of a dweeb. He loves animes and video games but I do too so it's nice lol. You kind of sound like me, he's my first as well!!

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  • Men like to be the hero for the women they love. They like to protect their women.
    Just don't try to look too much into being the Arrow or Daredevil. That is just stuff he likes to watch and has nothing to do with you.

    • That's the stuff I like to watch hèhè.. Hé hasn't seen arrow and flash yet but truth be told, I didn't know about anti heroes or dark heroes and that Marvel and Dc had conflict... I Just watch the show for entertainment with no extra tension

  • how old is ur boyfriend?

    • 18 (my age) he's going to be 19 soon and we've been together since childhood

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  • A dark hero is like batman

    • Does batman kill?

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    • Thankyou, that helped so my boyfriend wants to be a anti hero like batman... Maybe hé wants to be like a the chatacter from Watchdogs. In-between good and bad?

    • He essentially fantasizes about being chaotic good. He probably believes in the death penalty. He just thinks bad people should pay with their life not prison.

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