Should I apologize to this girl?

So we're both 15 and it's summer now and school will start soon but last year I liked this girl and I was told by a friend that she liked me too but this was not true cuz she didn't but I kinda kept trying and she got annoyed and we never really talked much and so on the last day of school I apologized to her for acting that way and she said it was okay but I also lied and said that I never liked her which was a lie but so I proceded to try and talk to her through snapchat once school ended and I was not getting any answers from her so I threw a childish fit and I feel really immature for this and she ended up blocking me but I had already deleted her three days prior. I feel horrible for annoying her and I really want to apologize for every thing and also ask if she could give me a chance to be her friend and to show her that I'm not like the guy I acted like before please help me I feel so stupid and Im pretty sure she hates me right now.


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  • you should apologize to her.


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