Saying I Love you?

So, my boyfriend called me one day and we had a normal conversation filled with laughs and jokes. Than he asks me who said i love you in my past relationships. than i replied saying.. Well my ex bfs did except one i believe,, i think i said it first i dont remember who cares lol.. he than gets upset saying he said it first and i dont know how hard it was for him to say it first, I instantly got confused. I wasn't sure what to think or how to react its like we were doing great and than that happened.

Honestly, I do love him and i wasn't sure when to drop the word since we were just talking during that time and i wasn't sure on his feelings towards me.

So should i feel bad about not saying it first?


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  • He needs to chill out. Don't feel bad at all, you say it when you are ready.


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