Is there a chance he will love me?

I've known my boyfriend for 6 months and we have been dating for 3 months. We had a instract spark when we met and have nearly everything in common. We make each other laugh and we can talk for hours. There is no real complaint with the relationship except the fact that I'm falling for him and he isn't showing any signs he is.. he treats me good and for my birthday last week he did something super special for me but otherwise I don't feel like he is in love with me yet. He once said he can see himself falling for me but is hesitant to let himself get to that point. I don't know what to do.. is there a chance he will love me one day?


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  • he's probably falling for ya just be pacient and you will get the reward. just be kind and considerate and make him smile.

    • Thank you :) I sure hope he is!

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  • there's always a chance.


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