Guys, my boyfriend said he loves my hair.. Boobs.. Legs... What does that mean.. Y not anything else... ? But?

I noticed on social media he is liking girls photos of the same assets and more.. Like booty.. They pose a bit provactive like the duck face.. Etc.. Showing their assets.. What does it mean.. Shud i worry?


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  • Those are just the things he likes most about you. He still likes everything else about you, just those stick out most to him. Like if sprinkles are your favorite topping on ice cream. It doesn't mean you don't like the ice cream, it just means you really like sprinkles

    • Wow love ur explanation.. Awesome.. Thank u..

    • You are quite welcome. Any time 😉👍

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  • As a grown ass woman I figured you'd have this sorted out already

  • If you've got what he seems to like, I don't see why you should worry.

    • Then why like pics of those assets... I shud b special...

    • Well, if he doesn't do *anything* that makes you feel special or appreciated *ever*, then I'd suggest you leave him and find a new guy.

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