When a girl you're talking too leaves heart emojis on your IG post what to do?

So I just started talking to
this girl about two weeks ago, been on one date it went well, and we text everyday. Now today she left little hearty faced emojis in the comment section of one of my pics from like 3 weeks ago. Do I have to respond in the comment section? Like I never do ever in any posts respond to anyone, but if I don't respond in the comment section in this case will she feel like I'm hiding talking to her or something fishy like that?


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  • She thinks your cute is all that that means and you don't have to respond to a emoji but if you did you could put 😍😍 back to her or you can put👀👀 witch is like just I see you or you can just reply a ☺ just to show that you noticed that she commented on your post but if you don't tag her then she will not ever know that you responded to her comment.


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  • Naahh not really. It could either mean you are her friend or she thinks you feel the same way for her like she does for you. If she only left hearts on the post then don't respond. Only respond if she actually says something.


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