Would you not date a girl in college if she has never been kissed?

I'm just going to assume that this will be my situation, so I'm wondering if it would be weird? I'm not solely basing my assumptions on social media and movies by the way. But it seems like most people in college don't actually become friends first or date but just have sex. Would you feel disapointed if a girl you liked wasn't experienced and wanted to take things slow and actually become good friends first?
I'm not talking about lots of exspensive dinner/movies dating. Actually getting to know the person, picnics in the park, geeking out about the same show, going on an adventure, making eachother laugh, hanging out with mutual friends, throwing snowballs at each other, talking about life issues, inspiring eachother.
  • No, I would feel awkward for dating her
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  • I'm not really experienced either
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  • I would only wait for so long..
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  • I'm not a relationship person
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  • I would because I'm a hopeless romantic
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  • Hook up culture is very prominent in college but it will also depend on where you go. For me personally though is I rather start dating pretty quickly because if I actually become friends with them like regular friends then I really don't want anything to become of that because that will just make it so much worse if we date and it doesn't work out. I like to at least ask them out and start actually dating fairly quickly after meeting them for the first time.

    • I live in the midwest, so I don't know what the culture will be like. I've never been one to take part in the convential culture

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  • hmmm... Do i care if she has kissed or not before? Nope i dont really care knowing how unpredicable i am though our first kiss together is likely going to catch her off guard cause i have the most unpredictable timing... Not that i try to.

  • I've never had a first kiss either, so having it with a girl who has never had it would be awesome. Same goes with losing virginity.

  • I would like to actually be with those ones. And I don't care if I have too high expectations.

  • Nah
    Nothing wrong or bad
    It's just because you don't wanna get hurt
    I guess your going good 😊👌
    by the way you look cute 😶?

  • Im not about the dating life


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