Girls, do I even stand a chance?

18 year old guy who doesn't smoke or drink
study computer science in the fall in CSUEB.
I rarely party (only to hang with/make friends).
work very hard and love travel.
enjoy playing basketball and may try out martial arts!
I love video games as well and enjoy action, superhero, and comedy movies.
I like technology (especially phones and computers).
I listen to all kinds of music, whether it be Ice Cube, Jay Z, OneRepublic, or even popular songs (Uptown Funk or Shut Up and Dance.)
I am adventurorus and always up for fun. I love helping people. And I am loyal. I always smile at you and wave, hold doors open, and help you in need.
I may tell you you look nice in an outfit or pat you on the back / hug you, as a friendly flirt.
Once we become intimate, I may put an arm around you or cuddle with you or kiss you.
I am NOT perverted and will NOT make sex jokes (unless ur ok with it).

Cons :
socially awkward,
shy (once we become good friends/you get to know me, I won't shut up)
160 lbs
5 foot 8
am not too funny (may make a small joke here and there).
I am not too competitve (if another guy likes you, I may let him have you)
a bit of a pushover, and not too physically strong
Do NOT believe in sex before marriage

1. Am I boring? or a friend? or not even that? since I only had ONE group of friends in high school (WILL change that in college) . Am I dateable or look like I can get a gf/a frat formal date? or even female friends / a bff who's female?

2. How do I look? this is pajamas, so I don't go out like this.

Girls, do I even stand a chance?

Girls, do I even stand a chance?

I swear frequently, like F*** or bullS*** or even damn / b**** / d***


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  • You sound A LOT like my older brother except for the waiting till mariage, but you won't have trouble finding a girl like that. He met the love of his life at 18. Goodluck.


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  • you'll find someone!

    • how do I look to you?

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