Guys, if you don't typically date dark skin black girls, What's the darkest color you'll date?

I'm referring to dating black girls. No other race, if your preference is light skin black girls. If you was to date a darker skin black girl what's the darkest you'll go? Give celebrity examples if possible


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  • As long as she's cute and doesn't like to party I'd go out with her I wouldn't deny myself some sweet chocolate or anyone because of the color of their flavor


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  • I have no particular preferences for skin color in girls I date. We're all people.

  • The darkest I'll date is pitch black.

    • You don't like that? Shame.

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    • No u didn't cunt because if ur preference isn't dark skin girls u wouldn't go as far as a pitch black skin tone. Apparently u were being sarcastic, and no u dont know me idiot

    • Well I'd go as far as I could then. How about that? Quit asking how dark you are too by the way.

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