Is dating harder for shy guys than shy girls?

I can't count the amount of 'we are both shy' questions that advise the female to overcome her shyness as the guy probably won't. Do people think that it is harder in the dating world to be a shy guy, than it is to be a shy girl?
Yes, it is harder for a shy guy.
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No, it is harder for a shy girl.
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It is equally difficult for both.
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I don't understand why so many of you guys seem to think shy girls have it easy. I'm a shy girl... it is not as easy as you guys are describing. Because I'm shy, I don't meet a lot of new people... I'm not lonely, but I am a loner... Which also makes me inexperienced, so if a guy *does* show interest in me, I either mistake it as friendliness, or panic, make a fool of myself and/or make a swift exit. Plus, I'm attracted to shy guys... Shy girl + shy guy is really not easy at all :/
Is dating harder for shy guys than shy girls?
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