Is it a bad thing that I'm considering moving in with my boyfriend at 6 months in?

I just worry that it will ruin my relationship with him because we will be together all the time. Do you think it's rushing things? And how have yours relationships been after you move in together?


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  • I wouldn't do it right away, do a trial run first, see what it's like. Maybe a day or two. You don't want to move allll your shit, and find out you've made a mistake, right?

    • Good point. Have you ever moved in with someone? And if so did it ruin the relationship? I feel like I'm very independent and I like my space. I feel like if I move then I'll lose that.

    • Then don't. Why compromise that?

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  • Yeaaaah that is rushing it. Never been though anything like that but doesn't seem like the best idea


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  • It's all about what you want. Do you want to eventually marry this guy?

    If yes, then living together will give you a great idea whether marriage will work.

    If no, why ever live with him?

  • It's a little quick, but not terribly so.

    • Does moving in change your relationship? That's what I'm worried about I guess.

    • I'm sure it does. You will be seeing each other a lot more.

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